Graphic Design Service

Graphic Designer / Content Creator

Noriko Clarke

Mum + Wife + Designer + Life Coach

Do you need more time in a day? Isn’t time-consuming trying to design an awesome Instagram post? 

I’m here to help you. My name is Noriko, I am a Graphic Designer / Content Creator / Life Coacg. I am passionate about sustainability, wellbeing and supporting community. Original from Japan been in Australia for 23 years, I also have worked as Fashion Designer for 17 years, include major Australian retail company.

I now work with entrepreneurs, corporate and not for profit organisations, both here in Australia and around the world, to deliver a range of solutions, including Company Logo, flyers and business cards, Social media graphics (reels and video), work book and packaging! Please scroll down to see example of my works.

I assist with branding and creating branding guides. I also delivered  graphic design seminars and lessons to groups of up to 100 entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and business owners:

 I am also a certified Life Coach under Japanese organisation called, Trust Coaching School. I can help you clarify your goals, identify what’s holding you back, and support you achieve your goals.

My latest works  on Instagram. Please take a look. I use the free version of Canva to create all of the Social media content images (except business logo, that’s done by Adobe illustrator & photoshop) 

Sosial Media content image

Start up
  • a Social media image, or banner, flyer 
  • I will share the Canva link so you can use it again!
  • unlimited revisions
  • Double sided pamphlet, please ask for a quote
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Sosial Media content image & Branding

Expand your business
  • a Social media image, or banner, flyer 
  • + Your own Brand Style Guide
  • I will share the Canva link so you can use it again!
  • unlimited revisions
  • Double sided pamphlet, please ask for a quote
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1 Month Design Support (Start up price)

to create more time for you to focus on your business
  • I'm your own graphic designer for a month
  • any images that you need I create one by one
  • Unlimited revisions 
  • if you required a double side flyer or brochure it may take up a few days.
  • I will share the Canva link so you can edit it anytime in the future
  • Please note: this is price is limited time only
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  • You need to log in to your own Canva account (I can help you set it up)
  • Please provide any photos that you want to use.
  • This package doesn’t include designing business logo 
  • if you require branding, or brand style guide, it will be extra cost
Limited to, 2 clients per month

Business Logo Design


Design x Coaching: Helping to Evoke and Manifest Your Ideas

I design, Modern, Clean, Simple to the Kawaii Professional Business logo, offer unlimited revisions means that I support you all the way to when you are completely in love with your logo.

Let’s create a logo together that will attract your ideal customers!


Noriko is friendly, patient with us until we are satisfied with the design, and highly responsive.

I would definitely recommend Noriko’s design service to business owners who are looking for a new or renewed logo design.

Overall, I am very satisfied. We have a great new logo and just looking at the logo makes me feel good!

MEO Marketing



I only had a very little idea of what is my logo would want to look like. I wanted kintsugi, that was it.
Logo making process was fascinating , I wanted to falling love with my logo and Noriko made sure of that. It felt like I had a great team who never give up on me.

Southeast Mind & Body


A start-up mum in the start-up phase, with a vague idea but no concrete design image. The speed from request to delivery was very fast, and additional revisions were handled immediately.



They listened carefully to our requests many times during the logo creation process, and the finished logo reflected those requests well.

I would recommend their logo and design services to anyone who is creating a logo for the first time or needs both Japanese and English.

Noriko-san is always professional and quick to respond.

Chishiki web


Thank you for being so thoughtful and taking care of Finday even more than I did. Thank you for truly watching over and being there for me all the time. I will cherish it.



I asked for Noriko’s design because I thought it was wonderful.
I am satisfied with the wonderful design she created for me.

I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting their own business.



Although we only exchanged e-mails, I found her to be very personable and patient, and she listened to our opinions. As for the logo, he made samples of the logo in various patterns, which I appreciated very much.

The logo was designed in a way that is not often used in pastel art, and I was very pleased with the novelty of it.

I would recommend you to any mom-and-pop entrepreneur who is just starting out.



Noriko is intuitive and excellent communicator. Genuine, big heart ,very humble

I’d recommended to anyone who is starting business or even contemplating of it.

Happy pits natural deodorant

Super effective deodorant made with all natural ingredient.


I’m really happy with my logo,
I’d recommended to anyone who is starting business

All Abilities Tutoring & Education Support

Providing quality tutoring for primary students including specialised advice and support for students with a disability.


I love japanese style and minimalist design from Noriko. She is friendly and patient.


What does たね stands for ? Translated as ‘seed’ in Japanese and pronounced as TA-NEh. Arts, in all forms, is one of the most beautiful thing in the world. And just like a seed, one has to grow and nurture it with lots of love, passion, respect and patience.

ロゴ Business Logo

Ready to start
  • Business Logo
  • Business logo with icon only
  • Black & white logo if required 
  • Unlimited revisions
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Logo + a social media post & branding

For Business Starter
  • Everything in Business Logo package
  • + your won Brand Style Guide
  • a image for social media (e.g FB cover, or Instagram post)
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Logo, social media post & branding + Business card or flyer

Marketing Package
  • Everything in Business Logo package
  • + your won Brand Style Guide
  • a image for social media (e.g FB cover, or Instagram post)
  • Depending on your what you need I can create Flyer, Business card, work book. ... Please ask!
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Anyone who is starting business or even contemplating of it.

I would like many people to know your service. You are intuitive and excellent communicator.

Business Owner

Even if you are not familiar with graphic design terminology and are a beginner, Noriko-san is able to understand your intentions and work with you to get the job done right.

I really appreciate the fact that she didn’t give us a hard time about the logo, even though it was the first logo that came around.

Pastel Artist

I would recommend this service to start-up moms who have a vague idea of what they want to do, but don’t have a concrete design in mind.

I am overall satisfied with the speed and politeness of the response, the confirmation of the finished product, and the quality of the finished product.


By creating a brand board that represents my true essence, I have found the momentum to amplify my presence on platforms like Instagram. I can already feel a growing attachment to my Instagram account.

Life Coach

I sincerely appreciate the time I have spent receiving personalised coaching from you. I am grateful for all the knowledge and guidance you have shared with me. Your kind and warm demeanor made it easy for me to open up and discuss various topics. Thank you so much for everything you have done!

Business Coach

The service was a perfect fit for me. It was extremely helpful that you were able to respond accurately to my needs, such as scheduling and the specific items I wanted to create.


Thanks to the various suggestions you provided, I was able to establish a solid foundation for my thoughts. You also kindly listened and embraced my scattered thoughts and uncertainties, making the coaching x design sessions truly enjoyable.

Life Coach

1 on 1 lesson

Whoever want start designing!
  • 1 hour Zoom session
  • How to use Canva
  • Design tips
  • Submit a image prior to the session and I will improve it on the spot.
  • You can ask any Design or Canva questions!